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My Philosofy

"Please make my site responsive to all possible screen sizes"

"We use the latest technologies"

"My site should look cool and modern"

"I have tons of content to share, I want it all in my site"

"Our sites takes only 0.04 seconds to load!"

Should these our first considerations ?

While talking to customers,

I frequently hear the same common requirements.

Their site must be fast, responsive, look modern, use the latest coolest technologies and present as much informtion as possible.


No doubt these requests are true important requirements:

Of course our sites should look cool and modern.

And yet, would you say wikipedia pages are cool, modern and colorful ?

Would giving them a cooler and modern look make them fulfill their purpose better ?

Of course providing neccessary information to our customers is importnat.

But in a world were users spend 15 seconds, before deciding whether to dive in, or go back to the next search result google offerred them,

words and images must be chosen carefully to help the users decide whether they reached the place they were looking for or not.

A common attitude when initiating such web development projects,

is treating the web, mobile and other software applications, as the main goal we aim to reach.

But our approach should focus on teating the site/application as just a mean for reaching the actual eventual goal.

Whether it is inceasing sales, providing information, easing every day operations or large and complex procedures, our software products should be designed and planned with the eventual purpose in mind, and the eventual user using them as the most important aspects.

Following that, the questions we should be asking ourselves when designing such products are:

1. What is the higher purpose for which I'm creating this site/application ?

2. Who is my target audience ?

3. What are they looking for in my site/application ?

    Do they wish to make a purchase ? book an appoitment ? gain some knowledge ?

    Do they enter the site or use my app, with the same goals I had in mind when creating it ?

3. How easy and inutuitive is my application ?

    How easy is it for my users to accomplish their goal for which they used my product ?

4. What will encourage them to reach out of buy my products ?

5. What will make them come back to my site/application ?

With these questions in mind, we will be a step closer to designing and developing a successful product which actually fills it's purpose, and makes its users happy and satisfied.


And with that effective design ready, don'y worry...

We'll have the site/application fast, cool modern and responsive in no time :-)

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